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Immortal tips about interior design

Want to make your home more comfortable, looking for inspiration? Learn tips legendary experts in design.

Advice from Edith Wharton: stick to muted colors

That said, Edith Wharton (Edith Wharton, 1862-1937) in his book "the Decoration of houses" said, "the less used colors in decorating the room the more comforting and enjoyable will result".

Before Wharton received the Pulitzer prize for her novel "Age of innocence" she was a pioneer in the design and advised people to stay away from overly plump upholstered furniture, dark tones, and many other minor manifestations of the Victorian era.

The dignity of the room disappears when it is filled with knick-knacks.

How it works: when a restrained palette, colors recede into the background, allowing the furnishings and accessories be the center of attention. So, a small number of colors can stand out the carvings on table and chairs.

Even a few of her tips:

About the change of details: "Few people have multiple sets of curtains and covers and change them every season. But such a simple technique adds extra charm of diversity. The curtains of the Royal bedroom at Versailles were changed four times a year."

About the rugs on the stairs: "They must be saturated colors and, if possible, without pattern. It's annoying to see the design developed for horizontal surfaces, superimposed on the projections and recesses of the stairs".

About the ordering of space: "Decorators know that simplicity and dignity of the room disappear when she is filled with useless trinkets".


The Council Elsie de Wolfe: put small pictures on the dressing table

That said, "Keep framed photos on the Desk, the dresser, the mantelpiece, but don't hang them on the wall," — said Elsie de Wolfe (Elsie de Wolfe, 1865-1950) in the book "the House in good taste". Her self-proclaimed mission was to alleviate the heavy Victorian frills interiors of the early 20th century.

Small paintings on the walls look like visual noise.

How it works: Small paintings on the walls look like visual noise. They can, however, emphasize the individuality, for example, some boring table. To put in order the collection of photographs, use frames of the same material, and also make sure all pictures are approximately the same size.

Even a few of her tips:

About the scale: "don't you need to have the education of the architect, to understand, what a huge leather chair in a small room, decorated in gold and cream tones, inappropriate, disgusting and disproportionate, like a bull in a China shop".

About the simplicity: "It is such a relief to get back to easy, simple things to decorate the room by process of elimination. No matter how many rooms I have cleaned this alien furniture with ornament belonging to "the epoch", and trinkets purchased in order for the room look cozier space was freed and began to blend in with the furniture."


The Council Billy Baldwin: cover carpet Mat

That said, "I love the warm, cozy view of small rugs lying directly on a large, wall-to-wall carpet. A small carpet can have a slightly larger pattern, or to be embroidered or East," wrote Billy Baldwin (Billy Baldwin, 1903-1984) in his book "Billy Baldwin decorates". Among customers of famous designer was listed as Truman Capote and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Layering rugs adds texture, color and volume.

How it works: Layering rugs, like layering clothes, adds texture, color and volume. The effect is warm and calm. Start with a tight woven, low-pile carpet or sisal. Additional it absolutely any Mat: thin cotton, leather with zebras-print or fluffy wool.

Some more tips:

About the middle: "When you decorate the tables, to avoid cluttering the center is too large bouquets. Looks much nicer in your own flower pot or bouquet in a small wicker basket. And please no strong smelling flowers. I remember one dinner party where the smell of tuberose was so strong that it could knock you over".

A demonstration of the art: "the Best places to hang pictures, — is an unexpected place. I like to take a normal picture of those that hang above the sofa, and hang it in the hallway where it can be seen, not to sit in her shadow. In one room, for example, I attached to the picture the protective plywood from behind and put it out the window."


The Board of David Hicks: combine similar colors

Said: "There is a clear set of rules that apply to colors. Red to red, pink to pink, like blue, green, yellow, brown and gray," wrote David Hicks (David Hicks, 1929-1998) in the "Decorating". Among his clients were Vidal Sassoon and Prince Charles. Hicks was known for having combined ancient and modern elements.

How it works: Shades of one color are easy to mix. Choose a color that you like the most and gather around him his "relatives". If you, for example, like the green, paint the walls in a rich khaki and pick up the curtains of the same color. Razbaby all this sofa a brighter shade of green. Add zest to a green patterned rug, and with the help of Botanical prints, you can add various shades of green, brown, and greenish-yellow.

Some more tips:

On the use of colors: "the Best way to learn how to combine colors is to study the great masters, such as Matisse, and also to observe how the fashion designers noticing their combinations, as, for example, card or Quant. Look at the color in motion. Learn to use color, as do designers of costumes for musicals and operas. Many large stores have showcases that show how to use the color is great."

About the collections: "If you are a collector and collect something like decorative eggs, stones, beautiful forms, snuff and the like, gather them all on the table. They look much better grouped together than scattered all over the room."

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  1. I would remove the porcelain shepherds and heaps of photos in frames, I would leave only the lamp. Generally, I like the minimalism, the Windows have hung threads muslin or organza. Blinds are too strict and do not add comfort.

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